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Upcoming Board and General Meetings
 (Online Google or Zoom meetings are open to all.)

Jun 13, 2024 07:30 PM
Sep 12, 2024 07:30 PM

Share’s Vision:  To positively impact the lives of our neighbors in need.

Share’s Mission: Share of McLean is an all-volunteer, community-based nonprofit that teams with individual donors and partner organizations to assist our neighbors who face food insecurity, economic hardships or related challenges

Brief History of Share


Established Share of McLean with an all-volunteer organization in September

Focused on food, clothing, furniture, and financial assistance

Opened food pantry every Wednesday morning and one Saturday a month

Supported 16 families with holiday gift baskets

1970s / 1980s

Focused on assisting with affordable housing and understanding special needs of the senior population

Expanded furniture program with addition of two donated trucks

Added additional truck for food drives

Created Holiday Program

1990s to present

Added new programs for back-to-school supplies and refurbished computers

Coordinated Emergency Financial Assistance with Fairfax County Services

Opened food pantry every Wednesday and Saturday morning, and 1st and 3rd Thursday for over 55 senior population

1,000 volunteer hours per month supported 1,100 households with 3,000 members in 2023

Compartir reuniones de la junta


Share celebra reuniones de directorio una vez al mes para discutir las actividades de su programa y revisar su situación financiera.  También se celebran periódicamente juntas generales abiertas a todos.   

A continuación se muestran las actas de las reuniones mensuales hasta la fecha. 

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