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Share has many volunteer opportunities and welcomes adults and high school students.   Below are some longer-term positions for volunteers seeking ways to serve their community with like-minded individuals.  Many of our adult volunteers go on to serve as Board Members and Program Managers—positions essential to continuing Share operations.  If you are interested in exploring any of these positions, please complete a volunteer application and let us know your areas of interests.  One of our program managers will contact you to provide more information.  

Food and Clothing Pantry 


Bread Pickup     Pick up large bags of loose bread from local bakery on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:00 pm; package bread into smaller bags; deliver to Share food room on Wednesday and Saturday mornings by 8:45 am.    Adult or Teen    Tuesday and Friday evenings Wednesday & Saturday mornings    On site  

Spanish / Korean Translators    Help clients during key events to fill out forms and answer questions (e.g., during Registration and Back to School)    Adult or Teen    As needed during key events    On site  Manage the site by adding/deleting most needed food items; manage delivery location of items    Adult or Teen    As needed    Work from home 


Community Sponsors for Annual Summertime Food Drives    Groups who can run food drives during critical periods when the pantry is bare     Adult    June - September    

Annual Sponsor to Host Spring and Fall Parties     Groups who can gather most needed supplies and stuff bags to hand out to clients during Spring and Fall (may coincide with Registration and Fall Program events)     Adult    Spring and Fall     On site

Annual Registration and Distribution of Gifts    Assistance with helping clients register for annual Share services in the spring and distribute gift cards in the Fall    Adult    May - June  November - December     On site


Family Assistance Coordinator    Take new calls that come in from the Fairfax County Coordinated Planning services department; determine the need and qualifications for assistance     Adult    Rotate one week every few weeks    Work from home


Salesforce Reporting    Assistance in creating reports that can be used to make decisions about Share services and activities    Adult    As needed usually during key events like Board meetings, Registration, seasonal events    Work from home

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